We exist to help ordinary people follow Jesus, love church and make disciples

We believe that anybody is welcome at Red Church: whether you are an unfaltering Jesus freak, Muslim, passionate atheist, Jew, agnostic or have no idea what these words mean. Whether you are a baby, young, old, middle-aged or in denial. Whether you are a lifelong vegan or a Nando's chicken farmer. Whether you are gay, straight, bi, asexual or are still working it out. Whether you are a poor student or a rich banker. Whether you like to remember your past or would prefer to forget it.           

We believe that Jesus wants to be part of everyone's life, whoever you are. We want to be a church where you feel loved, accepted, comfortable and free to be yourself. We want to be a church where it is OK, not to be OK - where it is OK to laugh, cry, ask questions and disagree. And finally, we want to be a church that makes an impact in this world and not just our own lives.